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Fundraising Activities for STOPS

We have several fundraising schemes in place, from those which raise only a few tens of pounds, like raffles held during our public events, to those which will hopefully raise many hundreds, or even thousands, of pounds.

Our most popular scheme is SPONSOR A STOP.

A donor selects a stop from a list and for £10.00 for each stop name sponsored, receives a Commemorative Certificate recording the name of the stop(s) they have selected.

In tandem with this, we have SPONSOR A PIPE.

By selecting a pipe length from a list, donors may give from £20.00 to £100, and again, receive a Commemorative Certificate recording the pitch of the pipe(s) they have selected.

Or you can SPONSOR A RANK.

By selecting one of the ranks of pipes in the organ which have a donation value of between £150 and £500, donors not only receive a Commemorative Certificate recording their donation, but their name will be recorded on a plaque to be affixed to the organ.

We are also in the process of finalising an application to the Heritage Lottery for a Grant to help pay for the new control system for the organ, but need to raise funds to meet our contribution to the project.


Within the organ, we need to raise funds for four primary projects.  These are, in order of importance,

  1. To purchase the new control system for the organ, which will be a Uniflex 3000 Relay.  This will allow many historical ranks of pipes to sound which have not been heard for 35 years or more.

  2. To purchase and/or have made suitable windchests for those ranks of pipes we have, but for which the windchests have been destroyed.

  3. To purchase and/or have made windtrunking, regulators and tremulants of which several are still needed, and,

  4. Lastly, but by no means least, to replace or have professionally restored several pipes, or ranks of pipes, which have suffered loss or serious damage over the years.

In addition to these essential schemes for the organ, the New Palace Theatre Organ Heritage Centre needs continual maintenance and replacement equipment, in order to present the organ and other events in the most professional manner possible.
  1. To replace the obsolete Stage Lighting Dimmers, Control Desk and lighting instruments with modern, energy efficient units.

  2. To replace the Stage Sound System with a modern multi-channel system for multimedia presentations and suitable for audio recording.

  3. To upgrade the Video Presentation System.

  4. To install an Integrated Contro System to enable simple 'one touch' control of the technical systems.

  5. And lastly, to install a Solar Panel Array to generate 'free' electricity and reduce the Centre's carbon footprint.

Note :- You can now easily select your favourite charities to see, each time you buy and sell on eBay.  To do this simply:

1. Sign into your ‘My eBay’ and visit your ‘Donation Account’ under the Account Tab
2. Click on ‘My Favourite Charities’ under My eBay
3. Search for ‘Scottish Theatre Organ Preservation Society’ and click ‘Save as a Favourite’

On eBay, you can also give a donation directly to the Society, and if you pay UK Income Tax, you can instruct Gift Aid to be added to your donation, with one mouse click.  Remember, Gift Aid does not cost you a penny.  Gift Aid gives us the Income Tax you have already paid on the value of your donation, and is currently worth 22% (that is, for every pound you give us, we get a further 22p from the Inland Revenue).

On PayPal, you can make a gift to the Society with neither the Donor nor STOPS paying any fees, so the full value of your donation reaches the Society.  To do this, log in to PayPal and select 'Send Money', then tick the checkbox for "I'm sending money to family or friends" and enter "sales at" as the recipient (replacing ' at ' with '@').  It's as easy as that.

Thank you.


The Society has benefitted from several Legacies in the past and making a Bequest to STOPS in your Will is one way of helping to ensure that the work of STOPS continues into the future. We also encourage everyone to make a Will as it prevents difficulties for your loved ones after your passing.

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